Remy Fulcrand

About me

I am Rémy Fulcrand, a research engineer at CNRS (French National Center for Scientific Research). I completed my Ph.D. at the LAAS-CNRS micro-fabrication center in Toulouse from 2006 to 2009, under the supervision of Anne-Marie Gué. There, I developed micro-fluidic systems integrating magnetic actuators for the trapping of magnetic micro-beads. Subsequently, I conducted a postdoctoral research at the ENS (Ecole Normale Supérieure) in Paris, in the group led by Christian Amatore. I designed and developed micro-fluidic systems for the study of exocytosis phenomena using amperometric measurements and TIRF microscopy. In 2011, I joined Lydéric Bocquet's team at ILM (Institut Lumière Matière) in Lyon as a research engineer, within the framework of an ERC Advanced Grant, to study nano-fluidic flows within a single carbon nanotube. Since September 2023, I have moved to Montpellier, where I am working in the Physics and Mechanics of Biological Systems team at CBS and in the Biomicrofluidics and Biophotonics team at IES.

My expertise

For over 15 years, I have been actively involved in research projects centered around micro/nano-fluidics. Consequently, I have developed extensive expertise in cleanroom micro/nano-fabrication processes, including lithography (optical/laser/electronic), wet and plasma etching, metal and oxide deposition, as well as physico-chemical characterization, etc. I also possess a strong proficiency in micro/nano-machining through focused ion beam (FIB) techniques, utilizing dual-beam FIB/SEM equipment. I find great satisfaction in exploring samples through scanning electron microscopy! Today, I am actively working to bridge the gap between microtechnology and the life sciences within the Physics and Mechanics of Biological Systems team at CBS and the Biomicrofluidics and Biophotonics team at IES.